Shish Kabob Grill

1503 Grant St
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 837-8800

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The Basics

  • Primary: Restaurants
  • Others: Middle Eastern, $, Cheap Eats, Food Delivery, Lunch Spot, Mediterranean, American Express Accepted, Discover Accepted, Mastercard Accepted, Visa Accepted
  • Hours:
    Mon. - Fri. 10am - 11pm
    Sat. - Sun. 11am - 11pm

Owner's Message


  • By Clare P over 7 years ago on Insider Pages

    The service is very good but the food can be too salty. The fava bean bowl is delicious. It's convenient to the capitol and a good choice for lunch. Read more »

  • By HeartNewYork over 7 years ago on Citysearch

    LOVE this place! The chicken shawerma is downright addictive. The flavor in these dishes (I've also tried the hummus and falafel) is intoxicating. Moreover, the prices can't be beat. This is authentic Middle Eastern cuisine at its… Read more »

  • By Melissa W over 7 years ago on Insider Pages

    While this neighborhood place may look downscale, the moroccan food it serves is not. Best choices: anything made with lamb, the middle eastern shrimp scampi, the garlic dip appetizer, and the tabbouleh. What's more, the price is right.… Read more »

  • By fitnesspunklinz about 8 years ago on Citysearch

    I LOVE this restaurant! I am a repeat customer on their delicious Gyros and Hummus. However, I am sure everything else there tastes wonderful too. The family who owns it is so sweet and kind, they remember me everytime I come in. Thats all… Read more »

  • By MyThoughts over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    Although the food was out of this world the service really ruined my experience. I've had so many friends talk this place up that I was thoroughly excited. When I walked in i expected a "warm welcome" as I knew it was family owned.… Read more »

  • By MartinSJ over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    Having grown up on homemade Middle Eastern food, this is the best I have had in Denver... The business is family owned and they are warm, welcoming and take pride in offering the best... The hummus was the creamiest I have ever had was… Read more »

  • By writeon1 over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    I've been going to Shish Kabob Grill since it opened. There is nothing I don't love about the place...the family who owns it is friendly and warm and remembers a face. The lentil soup, hummus and tabouli especially stand out and all of the… Read more »

  • By Tanglelegged almost 9 years ago on Citysearch

    I have eaten gyros all over Denver, from Middle Eastern to Greek style, and this is easily the best! I have brought many of my friends to this restaurant and they all agree. They are a must order. \r \r The desserts are all homemade and… Read more »

  • By landshark70 over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    This is a small, very clean restaurant which appears family owned. The owner clearly takes pride in the place - it is very simple yet very tidy and 'homey'. The main chef is a woman who, I'm pretty sure, makes everything herself - from… Read more »

  • By strugs over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    hummus was delicious!!!!!!! i freaking loved it all. i had the hummus bil-shawerma, basically chicken over a plate of hummus. couldn't ask for a better meal. Read more »

  • By Itastedparadise over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    The food at Shish Kabob Grill is heavenly ... I actually struggle to find words that convey that celestial experience of my palate, as words simply cannot do justice to Shish Kabob Grill. Go there, order something, and experience it… Read more »

  • By Kdenver over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    The food here is not bad, generally, but the owner is awful. I had delivery, it took an hour and a half to get here and then the delivery guy, who happens to be the owner, said that I live more than three miles away. I verified my… Read more »

  • By wrenram over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    I was in heaven after the meal! The combination plate I ordered was one amazing taste after another. The saffron rice was the best rice I've ever had! My husband and I will go back to this restaurant every time we are in Denver. It's an… Read more »

  • By den0303 almost 10 years ago on Citysearch

    What a disappointment!!!\r Not only did it take over 2 hours for our food to show up, but when the food finely did arrive it was cold and soggy. We were also missing food from our order. I called the restaurant back to inform them of the… Read more »

  • By magnumhd about 10 years ago on Citysearch

    This place was a real find. We pulled into Dever and checked into the hotel late on a Labor Day Monday night - not expecting to find any good food open at 10:30pm in the downtown area. What a pleasant surprise! Shish Kabob Grill is maybe… Read more »

  • By Contributor over 10 years ago on Citysearch

    Capitol Hill-area restaurant specializes in Greek and Middle Eastern fare like extra large gyros, hummus, falafel and chicken or beef kabobs. Read more »

  • By denver_mel almost 11 years ago on Citysearch

    YUM just doesn't cut it!!! I just enjoyed a most excellent and huge gyro for a measly $5 (included fries). The people I was with tried different plates and were equally as impressed with their meals. If I had to pick one thing to… Read more »