Les Givral's Kahve

801 Congress St 101
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 547-0444 http://lesgivrals.com

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The Basics

  • Primary: Restaurants
  • Others: Cheap Eats, Carry Out, $, Vegan, Lunch Spot, Mastercard Accepted, Local Favorite, Cash, Visa Accepted, Vegetarian, American Express Accepted, Family-Friendly Dining
  • Hours:
    Mon. - Sun. 9am - 6pm

Owner's Message


  • By danield1694555403 about 4 years ago on Citysearch

    Awesome! The name would make this place a bit incognito but it is a must try! Unlike the French influence in the name you will be pleasantly surprised when you have your first visit. I am not one to spoil surprises so you will just have to… Read more »

  • By destinys9 about 8 years ago on Citysearch

    My fiance and I constantly drive in from Cypress to eat here. The sandwiches are truly delicious. I have tried the vermicelli too and it was spectacular. The best part is it is all very reasonably priced and the staff is great! Read more »

  • By CSMobileUser over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    I come here at least once a week to enjoy this great place. The food is simply delicious. I'm working my way around the menu and I haven't found anything I didn't like. I just discovered the Rice Sheets. These things are awesome. Will be… Read more »

  • By buddhacatmac over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    BuddhaCat says every place has good days and bad days...don't be hatin on places if you arrive on one of the restuarants bad days - stuff happens and sometimes people run out of things (this is for that person who thinks they are Fiorucci,… Read more »

  • By ljumawan over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    Les Grival's has become a weekly destination for me. I work a good nine blocks away, but the food quality, great value, and very clean, nice ambiance of the restaurant make it worth the trek. The owner is very friendly and accomodating,… Read more »

  • By fiorucci over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    If you want decent Banh Mi, decent Viet noodles and decent good food overall, do yourself a favor and don't settle for Givral's on Congress. My recent visit with a Viet friend found them really, really lacking, especially compared to what… Read more »

  • By ILoooveFoood over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    One of my fave spots for a delicious, quick, and affordable meal!! Being Vietnamese, I fancy myself an expert on Vietnamese food...and I have to say that I love the authentic style with a healthy, western-palpable twist. My usual… Read more »

  • By DiscoFabulous over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    LG's got the best Vietnamese I've had in a long time. The employees are the friendliest I've met around, they even know their regular customer's by name as well as by order. Don't be hatin' on the cashier either - you need to know the… Read more »

  • By Rodney77 over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    Definitely a great place to eat for the money. The people are friendly with very good service. I recommend the egg rolls and the Rock n Roll Beef. Read more »

  • By dowdingsuddeth over 10 years ago on Citysearch

    Honestly the best place for the charbroiled Pork Sandwiches with French Bread so hot, crispy and tender on the inside, it's HEAVEN. Pho's only so so but the Eggrolls.ohh to DIE for... not the Friendliest atmosphere but you won't notice… Read more »

  • By anneloan almost 11 years ago on Citysearch

    I love this place !!! A fun and inviting atmosphere, I HIGHLY would recommend this to anyone who likes and wants to experience something different and unique. Great food for fast,friendly service and at a low cost. Everytime I took my… Read more »

  • By Joshua Hinsdale almost 11 years ago on Citysearch

    In Short
    Les Givral's Vietnamese baguette sandwiches and entrees are an alternative for mainstream diners who may be more accustomed to American-style ham and cheese. This casual and busy restaurant serves fresh meat and veggie… Read more »

  • By specv81 almost 11 years ago on Citysearch

    THeir sandwiches and vermicelli are the best for lunch, light and healthy. I like the #2 sandwich the best. I eat lunch here at least once a week! Read more »

  • By bld94 almost 13 years ago on Citysearch

    Was there Saturday night to eat and it was great. Had thier vermicilli bowl with grilled chicken, spring rolls, and a drink all for under $10. Cool view of the park. Great for people watching or even the movie that was playing at the park.… Read more »

  • By midtowndweller about 13 years ago on Citysearch

    Fresh Spring Rolls and a Sandwich all for $5! Can't beat that for a filling but light lunch. It's nice to have something different in the area. I saw all these other dishes they were bringing out and it all looked so good. I'll be back to… Read more »

  • By ecirlwolrig about 13 years ago on Citysearch

    I just discovered this place and I just love it. To the decor to the food to the friendly people. The food is very light and not heavy, perfect to go back to work. Will be back! Read more »

  • By ieateverything about 13 years ago on Citysearch

    Just went there for lunch with a co-worker. Had the vermicilli with the chicken and it was great. My friend had the sandwich and had to get another. I'll try one next time because I'll be back. Too bad it closes at 3:00PM. Forgot to… Read more »