Karma Lounge Ltd

105 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 469-0504 http://karma-austin.com

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The Basics

  • Primary: Lounges
  • Others: 21 & Over, After Work, DJ, Romantic Nightlife, Specialty Cocktails, Electronica, Funk, Soul & R&B, Hip-Hop & Rap, Reggae, Rock & Pop, Techno & Industrial, World, Dance Floor, Happy Hour, Bars & Clubs, Bars & Pubs, Singles Bars, Restaurants
  • Hours:
    Wednesday To Thursday From 10:00 PM To 02:00 AM Friday From 10:00 PM To 03:00 AM Saturday From 10:00 PM To 04:00 AM

Owner's Message


  • By xSinx almost 7 years ago on Citysearch

    This place is great! I love to go here Wednesdays for their amazing techno related genres. For 21 and up you pay nothing, while 18 and up you pay only $5 which I don't mind at all compared to other places I've gone to. If you come here… Read more »

  • By Austin EDM Lover almost 7 years ago on Citysearch

    I've been here on several nights, all which have been free cover, always a plus. They have a side room where they sell hookahs at $5, you can smoke from them all night with your purchase comes your own plastic tip to use for cleanliness. … Read more »

  • By richard jones over 7 years ago on Citysearch

    nothing. they just dont belong in a growing city Read more »

  • By Aly O over 7 years ago on Insider Pages

    This is place is.........interesting. a friend of mine brought me here and i had a pretty chill time. dont know if i will ever go back but it was a night i will remember Read more »

  • By mthomp over 10 years ago on Citysearch

    I love this place \r Everybody is nice and cool. I love coming in and expecting something new.\r Thanks god it's not like six street warehouse \r this Lounge is so trendy and I feel comfortable coming in with others\r COME CHECK THIS… Read more »

  • By urdeedeedee over 10 years ago on Citysearch

    This is a club with an identity crisis. They play dance music but there is so little room to dance with the ceiling artwork and redbull cocktail tables placed where the dance floor COULD be. The night I was there a fog machine and a few… Read more »

  • By mtoms37 almost 11 years ago on Citysearch

    I was there for a movie premiere party and had the time of my life. Music was great the staff were amazing and I got to see stars and not feel pretentious like some bars in warehouse. I came back later for there NIP/Tuck event and again… Read more »

  • By Contributor about 11 years ago on Citysearch

    Nightclub and bar located two blocks from busy Sixth Street offers happy hour, VIP rooms and a human aquarium. Read more »

  • By Shane H. over 11 years ago on Judy's Book

    Sitting just off the main drag of clubs on Sixth Karma is hidden in more way than one. When walking on 8th there is a good chance that you might walk right past this place if you aren't looking for it pretty intently. When you find it… Read more »

  • By mthomas37 over 11 years ago on Citysearch

    I was here for there college night on Thursday, I had a fabulous time. Great music and dance the night away. Such a cool place than dirty 6th street, and most of the places on 4th district. I recomend to everyone to check this place out Read more »

  • By syoungs over 11 years ago on Citysearch

    I've been to Karma on two different nights and it was fun on both. Good looking crowd, the staff is amazing, and I like there theme rooms. If your tired of warehouse and six street come here, IT'S DEFINATLY WORTH IT CHECK this place out… Read more »

  • By mtoms almost 12 years ago on Citysearch

    Thank god for a place like this in Austin. When you walk in the door your are treated with kindness and FUN. The staff is unbeleivable and the crowd is great there. If you have any type of birthday or event, definetly have it at Karma. … Read more »

  • By krai almost 12 years ago on Citysearch

    This place is DEAD. Saturday night and there were 10 people inside at midnight. Just awful. What's worse is that they charge a cover charge (who do they think they are??!?!???), and the dude at the door said that there were tons of… Read more »

  • By mbelo almost 12 years ago on Citysearch

    We've seen pretty much any bar/club in Austin and Karma Lounge is by far the worst ever!! While appearances can mislead any newcomers, don't be fooled by the poor management and service. They keep claiming that the new management is… Read more »

  • By mthomascat almost 12 years ago on Citysearch

    I was in there for the Motorcycle show on Sept.17th and it was was absolutly fantastic. The crowd was sexy and the staff was awsome. We were in there private room in the back called the Shag room, and we had bottle service like I was in… Read more »

  • By delsolar about 12 years ago on Citysearch

    It's too dark in here. I could barely see my friend, let alone across the floor. Not a place to peoplewatch or meet others. And classy? Painting the walls black and hanging red acryllic everywhere doesn't exude "class" in my opinion.… Read more »

  • By sarat567 about 12 years ago on Citysearch

    If you're tired of the typical fourth street scene head up a few blocks to Karma. The way this place is designed on the inside makes you feel like you are in Miami or Vegas or somewhere. The DJs are awesome and there is always something… Read more »

  • By m2315 about 12 years ago on Citysearch

    I was at Karma for an event and for my birthday and this lounge is well needed for Austin. Thanks god there's a bar like this here in town. I feel like I'm in another town when I'm here. We had there Candleroom for my party and it was… Read more »