Georgia State University

33 Gilmer St SE
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 413-2000

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  • By Wendi B about 8 years ago on Insider Pages

    Expensive but easy to find the book you need for classes. The staff is very knowledgeable of what you need for particular classes. Its a typical college book store Read more »

  • By Brandi J almost 9 years ago on Insider Pages

    I wouldn't recommend the Georgia State University Bookstore for textbook purchases. I have always been able to find them cheaper elsewhere (either online or at a neighboring bookstore). Although they are convenient, the Georgia Bookstore… Read more »

  • By Brooke J almost 9 years ago on Insider Pages

    Pricey, though typical for a university bookstore. Since the GSU website usually didn't provide ISBN numbers, I would have to go here to to collect those, but I would then take my business online. Read more »

  • By Shanda D over 10 years ago on Insider Pages

    The education is great and most of the professors are great as well. Registering and paying is a pain though. Be sure to keep up with your classes and any changes because this will cause an extra class and of course added money! You can't… Read more »

  • By Roger C about 11 years ago on Insider Pages

    The School isn't the best, it's a mid-tier school, but from that category it's one of the better ones. It's the fourth best school in Georgia behind Emory, Georgia Tech, and The University of Georgia. It's the second largest university in… Read more »

  • By Shannon F almost 12 years ago on Insider Pages

    I went to Georgia state to do some graduate coursework to complete my teaching certification. Although it is in the middle of downtown, I was never intimidated by the traffic. I always felt safe as well which was one of my concerns after… Read more »

  • By Johnnie T over 12 years ago on Insider Pages

    I attended Georgia State University for my undergraduate degrees in biology and nursing and I am finishing my master's in nursing there as well. What's most rewarding about GSU is the return for your investment. I have received a quality… Read more »

  • By Brad Z over 12 years ago on Insider Pages

    I started attending Georgia State as a freshmen in the fall of 2002 and I have had mixed feelings about it ever since. The atmosphere of Georgia State is clearly it's best quality. Walking around the heart of Atlanta, eating at… Read more »

  • By Jean w. D almost 13 years ago on Insider Pages

    Georgia state has a mixed reputation in Atlanta. Some say its great, and others say its not so good. It's mainly a commuter school, as many of its students are from the Atlanta area. But they do have dorms that are pretty nice. They're… Read more »

  • By Geetali S almost 13 years ago on Insider Pages

    The phone lines are often busy and you'll have to wait very long to get through if you are trying to talk to someone at the Admissions office. Once connected, the people are very friendly - no matter which department. People don't… Read more »

  • By Sameera G almost 13 years ago on Insider Pages

    Georgia State University in Atlanta is an okay school. Although the school offers several classes and timings, they do not have a good method of teaching. Read more »