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Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 945-3491

The Basics

  • Primary: Credit Counseling
  • Others: American Express Accepted, Discover Accepted, Mastercard Accepted, Visa Accepted
  • Hours:
    Mon. - Sun. 8am - 5pm

Owner's Message


  • By Lyn S. about 5 years ago on Judy's Book

    Get my credit fixed they came highly recommended. I am so happy with my results round 1 did not take long at all. My credit score went up 71 points within the 45 days of working with the credit pros I Love the customer service. God… Read more »

  • By Alyssa P over 5 years ago on Insider Pages

    Very Nice and Prompt Person's !! Thanks a Lot.. Great Job to all and continue what you all doing.\r \r Again, \r \r Thanks to all !! Read more »

  • By Shaun P. about 6 years ago on Judy's Book

    “Just want to say a big THANKS for your updates. I will continue to do my part and getting the info to you all as soon as it is available to me. Again thanks for your help and responses. It's people like you that give customer relations… Read more »

  • By Hassan F. over 6 years ago on Judy's Book

    Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us. In less than 60 days of working with you, our credit score has raised high enough to be able to qualify for a mortgage loan that we were not able to before. Besides that,… Read more »

  • By Lavern S. over 6 years ago on Judy's Book

    I am very impressed on how you accomplished this and I have learned a lesson on how important it is to be timely with my bills!!!!!! I leave you as a very satisfied customer-----and will refer you to others. Read more »

  • By Mac C. over 6 years ago on Judy's Book

    First off I want to say THANK YOU for being so helpful and patient with us! I really can not believe how much of a difference you have made for us. 6 months ago, there was no way we could get a house, and here shortly we will be in the… Read more »

  • By Krystyna R. over 6 years ago on Judy's Book

    you have been a great help in making sure that all our questions were answered and now both my husband and I are towards the ending of our first round and we are fired up. Our deletion percentages are half or more and this only means that… Read more »

  • By Kirby A. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    I have been extremely happy with the service and the customer service. You've been a tremendous help in raising my score to 705. Thanks again. Read more »

  • By Kirby A. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    “I am very impressed & pleased with your service. Also, a side note, that about a month ago I moved into a new apartment where as usual, they checked my credit... thanks to your help, I got in. That would not have happened before. Thanks… Read more »

  • By Alecia S. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    You did a wonderful job of helping raise my credit score!! You moved it 43 points!! My sole purpose was to get my credit rebuilt so that I could purchase a new car and with your help I just purchased a 2007 Mercury. Thank you very much for… Read more »

  • By Marquis E. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    Veracity raised my credit score immensely and I could not have done it without the help of their experts. I thank you so much! Read more »

  • By Jerry H. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You've done a great job in repairing my credit! Thank you very much for your time and effort and for getting my credit back to where it should be. Read more »

  • By Chad P. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    Thank you so much for your company's help with cleaning up my credit reports! You are doing an excellent job repairing my credit and I am grateful! Thank you! Read more »

  • By Royce C. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    I am very happy that my credit has gotten much better. I have got approved for a used car at a great rate. You have done an excellent job with a difficult challenge. Thank you Fort Worth Credit Repair for the hard work and service you… Read more »

  • By Avril Y. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    You guys are doing a fantastic job. You have saved my life, and my credit. It has been a long time since I felt as good about myself as I do now... I am very satisfied with your work. Thank you! Read more »

  • By Josh C. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    I can see that your method really works. I have been with you for about ten months now, and it is just amazing how many negative items have been deleted off of my credit reports. I am looking forward to the day when my credit reports will… Read more »

  • By Leif B. almost 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    Your service is great! My "scary" credit report is all cleaned up! I can't believe it! It has been worth every penny. You guys are just great. Thank you again Fort Worth Credit Repair for providing such a valuable service! I look forward… Read more »

  • By Shizue B. about 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    When we first visited you I was not certain what to believe, but when my mortgage dealer looked at my husband’s credit following your services, I was surprised to see his credit rating soar to 731. Due to the fact of you we had been able… Read more »

  • By Deloras V. about 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    I attempted for just two years to improve my credit standing and then signed up with a leading Law Group which definitely did little or nothing. I took one final opportunity when I hired Fort Worth Credit Repair , Jason Kaplan and his… Read more »

  • By Jason K. over 7 years ago on Judy's Book

    Fort Worth Credit Repair is our option for very best in value of all credit repair firms. In our opinion their services supply probably the most thorough and realistic credit repair program to aid you to clean up your credit history,… Read more »