Durkin's Tavern

Affable neighborhood sports bar straddling Lincoln Park and Lakeview attracts a post-college crowd.

810 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 525-2515 http://www.bar1events.com/durkins/index.php

17 reviews

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  • Hours:
    Mon-Fri 4pm-2am
    Sat 11am-3am
    Sun 11am-2am

Owner's Message

Affable neighborhood sports bar straddling Lincoln Park and Lakeview attracts a post-college crowd.


  • By Nando1117 over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    Stopped by for college football and saw that it is now an ILLINI BAR! Finally somewhere to watch Illini games where you don't see other college team flags being flown! Plus their football special gives you food and beer for 8 hours!… Read more »

  • By Oscar61 over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    Durkin's is looking really good these day's. They have totally updated all of the rooms with new TV's and cleaned the place up. I love that they are a U of I bar now. My favorite is $1 well drinks on Thursdays! I had my birthday party… Read more »

  • By CaptainPlanet over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    Nothin' like poundin a few mcgerkin's at good ole Durkin's! That's what we always say down at DUrkin's on Tuesday night. I love these guys cause a lotta my old gollcege buddies hang out here and they know what's up. This is a good spot… Read more »

  • By LPgirl about 9 years ago on Citysearch

    Any place that shows Purdue games, is fine by me! I just moved here and it's nice to find somewhere that makes me feel at home. Plus, its chill and casual but still fun. My new regular bar. Read more »

  • By Jason G almost 10 years ago on Insider Pages

    Large, loud, dirty bar frequented by college kids. Fratty atmosphere with a flip cup table. Reasonably-priced beer and drinks. Bathrooms are disgusting. Wouldn't recommend. Read more »

  • By jen26 about 10 years ago on Citysearch

    Durkin's is equatable to a dirty, trashy, frat house. The clientele are a young 20's (or wannabe's), obnoxious, falling down drunk kinda crowd. So if that's what you're into, this is the place for you! I wouldn't touch anything, you… Read more »

  • By tomdurk over 10 years ago on Citysearch

    This is a great & friendly place, if you know how to enjoy yourself. You have to like people, sports, & sports bar food. Cheaper food can be found @ McDonalds, but the prices are in line w/ local prices. Read more »

  • By kiki80 over 10 years ago on Citysearch

    Dirty, dank, smelly--just general unappealing. This place is somewhere beyond a dive bar and more like haning out in a frat house basement. It even had the old beer sludge coating the floor. Great for overgrown frat boys and not much else. Read more »

  • By gidpig98 almost 11 years ago on Citysearch

    I went to this bar for my sister's birthday, when a fight was started between my sister and some other female patron at the bar. The girl was arguing with my sister, and then broke a glass over her head. After this happened, my brother… Read more »

  • By guru22 over 11 years ago on Citysearch

    Bad music and packed with over-served typical midwest mainstream Lincoln Park frat boy clones. The editorial review says "possibly the friendliest bar" but I found it to be quite the opposite, rude patrons, an indifferent staff and a urine… Read more »

  • By Contributor over 11 years ago on Citysearch

    The Scene
    Fresh-faced 20-somethings in hooded sweatshirts, jeans and ponytails swing by for Bass pints, Miller bottles and sports or "The Simpsons" on 50 TVs throughout the snug room. Ball-capped barkeeps man the helm from behind… Read more »

  • By chisox05 over 11 years ago on Citysearch

    How can the first reviewer be upset that there were hot girls and dorky guys here?? if you arent a dorky guy, then you're in the money!! I go here almost every Wednesday, the bar is PACKED, but everyone has a great time. they've got great… Read more »

  • By Sarah B. about 12 years ago on Judy's Book

    As holder of the "oldest continuous beer license" on the north side (they served during Prohibition too), Durkins still has a lot going for it. Every night has a special ($3 any beer on Tuesdays) and the weekends see a lot of meal/drink… Read more »

  • By Sarah B over 12 years ago on Insider Pages

    With the oldest beer license on the North side, Durkin's serves beer and food, and sponors many local leagues, including softball, ecuhre and poker. A Purdue bar, Durkin's has many, many tv's and the standard sports packages. The food… Read more »

  • By Sarah H over 12 years ago on Insider Pages

    I have to say that a couple of years ago I was at this bar every Friday night! My friends and I would count down the minutes until work was over and then head straight over to Durkin's for their famous Happy meal. Always a great night! Read more »

  • By frosty7700 over 14 years ago on Citysearch

    The last reviewer who called it "Dorkin's" is obviously a disgruntled patron who got shut down trying to hookup, which is sad...if you try and fail to meet somebody at Durkin's on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night, you have absolutely no… Read more »

  • By jjcollins over 14 years ago on Citysearch

    A great place to go to catch up on scores, flirt w/ college hotties, and catch a buzz. Durkin's is good Chicago. Read more »

  • By tridda over 15 years ago on Citysearch

    This was one of the weirdest bar experiences I have ever had. The crowd was a bunch of really dorky guys, mixed with a bunch of really hot, slutty girls. So dorky guys, this is your bar!!! The girls were even dancing (wobbling) on the bar… Read more »