Bexar County Adult Probation

207 North Comal
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 335-7200

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  • Primary: Probation Services
  • Others: County Offices, Community & Social Services

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  • By kelleyc639043808 6 months ago on Citysearch

    Kathrine Ledger is a horrible probation officer. I've spoken to her a couple of times concerning someone under her supervision, of which she doesn't supervise him very well at all, and she was incredibly rude and mean to me. Im a… Read more »

  • By mariag1989730569 over 1 year ago on Citysearch

    I have a friend who has susan goss as a probation officer. this person is mean and should be fired. my friend has been arrested four times because she can not afford her breathalyzer payment. ms goss will not work with her and does not… Read more »

  • By kendrah1584628228 about 3 years ago on Citysearch

    officer Chamberlain isn't doing his job right at all Read more »

  • By mannyl1375730329 over 3 years ago on Citysearch

    Went to Report and was honest about failing a Breath test. I thought that honesty would be best since I've learned and continue to practice what I've learned. Attend meeting a lot! Still, my PO said, I will talk to my Sup and Counselor and… Read more »

  • By johnc1197090187 about 4 years ago on Citysearch

    I have been in this system for about 5 months, the first time their I felt as if it was unnecessary treatment, turn off your cell, stand against a wall and wait to get called.....then 5 months have passed, it IS necessary, people ,… Read more »

  • By susanr881311433 over 5 years ago on Citysearch

    If anyone knows of anyone that has been in jail looking for a way of making an income and is having a very hard time doing so because of their record. Contact me. I have something they will be able to do with no background check, no credit… Read more »

  • By robertc1580671366 almost 6 years ago on Citysearch

    i know somebody who needs help and the probation department does nothing. A friend of mine called the probation department and told them the details, which were supposed to be anonymous, however his probation officer who I believe her… Read more »

  • By 99TJ almost 7 years ago on Citysearch

    Today I went to the probation office to get some information so I can better support a family member that got into some trouble. \r \r I entered the building and go through security and the guard asked me if I knew where I was going. I… Read more »

  • By County6082 over 8 years ago on Citysearch

    The BCAP Office looks nice on the outside and the tax payers got an improved building but what is up with the lack of large name placards that identify the building as such. The building is a large gray colored brick building. Citizens and… Read more »

  • By braddbrooks over 9 years ago on Citysearch

    despite the outpour of individuals coming from situations resulting in a probated sentence,Bexar County Probation is still attempting to dutifully fulfill its responsibilities to process new probationer's \r paperwork coming directly from… Read more »

  • By sherryeaton almost 10 years ago on Citysearch

    My brother is on probation for a DUI. No one is disputing the fact that he his paying for his crime against society. What I find completely and totally unacceptable is that they are a department of contradictions. They have a list of… Read more »

  • By sadsystem almost 10 years ago on Citysearch

    My husband is on Probation. He is a daily user. I waited years with hope that probation was going to slightly control him. He knows how to con the system. He dresses well the day of probation and drinks "The liquid stuff" which clears his… Read more »