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  • By IvanK127 over 2 years ago on Citysearch

    Security cameras are of great help when you have businesses running. I feel secured and I learn to trust my employees with the help of this product. Thanks! Read more »

  • By Dwayne W. about 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    Wow, I guess I am lucky. I have had great service and complete peace of mind with ADT. Read more »

  • By Fiona E. about 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    No doubt they are widely used by most Americans. It is great and very functional. Talking about their technicians, they are all helpful and very polite. Read more »

  • By Andrea E. about 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    Thank you for installing our new ADT Home Security System last week! My husband really likes it and he said he's going to be the one responsible to pay the monthly bill. I am really happy about it that he likes it too. Keep us protected! Read more »

  • By Lloyd Walton about 4 years ago on Citysearch

    ADT Security has provided our home security service for several years now and my family's been very satisfied. Their response to alarms and system problems is always timely and their repair technicians are well trained. Keep it up! Read more »

  • By Joel M. about 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    I am one of those customers who is very particular when it comes to property protection because I travel a lot. I am only confident with one security company and this is ADT. Read more »

  • By Vina Fisher about 4 years ago on Citysearch

    I decided to install a security system especially security cameras in my home when someone tried to climb and tried to break into my house. Luckily, I heard something and woke up. I called my husband and we called the police. I hope that… Read more »

  • By Cassy D. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    ADT's critical conditions system saved my daughter’s life! My daughter was home alone and left some dinner heating in the oven. The heat from the system triggered the alarm to go off and within minutes a fire truck was on its way to our… Read more »

  • By Bethany B. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    ADT gave me a great and fair deal on my security cameras. I've had my home security system for 4 years and now, I have new security cameras installed. I like it so far! Thanks! Read more »

  • By Jackson W. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    Their outstanding customer service + fair & honest pricing: They answer quickly, they don't try to push unnecessary product, and they are transparent in ALL their pricing, from contracts to sensors.They have variable length contracts from… Read more »

  • By Victoria H. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    I had ADT Security for like a year and a half and I am so happy that they responded quickly even if it was just an accident. Their alarm system and their employees are really reliable. Read more »

  • By Adrian Reese over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    I received a call from one of the ADT sales reps. Not friendly at all and get this when he asked if I owned our home or rented...and I said rented he hung up on me...professional company...I think NOT. If I did want security I wouldn't use… Read more »

  • By Audrey N. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    I heard about ADT from our neighbor. They had it installed because someone tried to enter their house. She told me to have home security system so I had it installed yesterday. The installer was nice and polite. He can build rapport easily. Read more »

  • By Keith Downing over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    My new ADT home alarm was installed yesterday. I wrote this review because the installer was amazing. He was like a lecturer discussing things about our system (which is good). He was humorous as well. Their service really is nice and I… Read more »

  • By Brenda S over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    I just had my ADT security cameras installed yesterday and so far I love it. The installation was quite fast and the installers were good and on time. I hope no problems would arise in the near future. Read more »

  • By Robert T. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    ADT is a winner. They have the very best in home security equipment. I can feel safe knowing that my home and my family is protected by ADT. Read more »

  • By Alina Mitchell over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    I decided to get ADT a few months ago after increased crime in my community. I called on a Tuesday and the installer was there on Wednesday. I had a few false alarms as I got used to the system, but the staff was always courteous and nice… Read more »

  • By Wayne Jackson over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    At first, I was hesitant to get an alarm system, but after our next door neighbor had their house burglarized while on vacation, we are so glad we got ADT. I go to bed every night knowing my family is that much safer. Read more »

  • By angela thompson over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    We had an ADT alarm system installed in June. Installation was done well and the alarm service is fine, but the billing is terrible. They can't get it right. They make the mistake and the start calling for payment three times in two days… Read more »

  • By Fernand Chelsea over 4 years ago on Citysearch

    Our installer was very professional and answered all our questions. The installation literally took about 1 hour to complete and was completely seamless. I now highly recommend ADT to all my friends and neighbors. Read more »

  • By Marie P. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    I'm usually traveling since I'm in business and having to be on the road and away from my house and kids made me a bit paranoid of what's happening back home. It was a good thing, I was so thankful ADT Home Security helped me to get over… Read more »

  • By Goerge G. over 4 years ago on Judy's Book

    The best security system in North Carolina! Read more »